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Version 2.0

Password Security Vault keeps track of your personal passwords as well as login names for Internet sites (or anything else) in a secure MS-Access© database file. Best of all you do not need MS-Access© yourself, because all MS-Access© functionality is built into this software. Most Internet users have numerous web sites which they frequent that require them to login to. These password protected sites typically require you to create a login name and password. From then on as you go back to these web sites you must type in your login name and password to gain access.

Many people will simply write down these login names and passwords on pieces of paper. Some people are a bit more organized and use a notebook and write this information down nice and neatly which is certainly not very secure. Some people try to use the exact same login and passwords for all their web sites, this is highly unsecure since if someone finds out your universal login name and password they can then gain access to every web site you have an account with. Finally some people rely on their web browser to maintain login names and passwords such as in cookie files written to their hard drive. This will work also, but what if someone else uses your browser? All they would need to do is go to the web sites you have accounts with and everything will be prefilled for them to login. To make it worse, chances are you have these web sites bookmarked within your browser for their convenience.

This software eliminates all these hassles. First, it maintains your passwords in an orderly location, a MS-Access© database file. Second, all you have to do is fill-in the information once for each account. Third, it has a built-in super-fast search engine to locate accounts (passwords) quickly. Finally, The database file can easily be password protected itself, you assign the password and you can change it at anytime. It's the only password you will need to remember.

There are no limits to the amount of password accounts you may create or edit. You may even create multiple (password protected) databases for you or other members of the family. Every account can be accessed in micro-seconds using alphabet index buttons which allows you to search through accounts very quickly. So stop writing down on paper your secret information. Just keep this software running while you are online and you will no longer need to worry about remembering login names and passwords again. This method of maintaining your web site accounts allows you to easily use different login names and passwords because you do not need to remember them since they are stored in your secure database file. A built-in randomizer is available to generate randomly generated passwords for added security. Password Security Vault may be even minimized to your Windows© Taskbar for easy access to your password database when you need it.

Besides the standard login name and password information, this software stores information such as Account Names, Web Address (URL), E-Mail Address and an area to type personal notes about your accounts. In addition, when you enter a web address or e-mail address for an account, you can then simply click on a 'GOTO' button to go directly to the web site using your default web browser or call up your default e-mail software with the 'TO' line (e-mail address) already filled in and ready for you to send. Therefore you can use this software to "bookmark" your sensitive web sites without needing to have them bookmarked within your web browser. In addition, you may automatically login to some web sites directly from your secure database. You may also capture pictures of your web sites, these pictures will be stored within your database. This allows you a visual method to navigate through your accounts. A must have utility! This is a FREE upgrade for all regsitered customers of this software. This version is designed For Windows 9x/ME/NT4/2000/XP/2003/Vista/Windows 7 32.


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