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Updated Version 8.3

Random Test Generator-PRO is designed for educators at any level to develop TestBanks of test items from which randomly selected test items are then extracted to create student tests. Each TestBank acts as a repository to house a wide range of test items for specific topics. There are no limits to the amount of test items which can be stored in each TestBank and no limit to the number of TestBanks which may be created. You may use multiple TestBanks to create student tests. Test Items may comprise of multiple choice, True/False, Fill-in and/or essay types. Multiple choice test items may also have multiple answers if desired. All your test items can be spoken out-loud (by the software) as well as read from the screen. This Text-to-Speech (TTS) feature provides students an added (optional) benefit to hear a crisp computer synthesized voice reading questions and answer choices out-loud. Hundreds of languages and visual characters are available to download and use for FREE.

The Test Builder option can be set to identify exactly how many questions to select from each TestBank to create a single test. Random Test Generator-PRO will then randomly select test items within each TestBank requested without selecting the exact same question twice. These tests may be administered on the computer with an optional timer, printed on paper or administered via the Internet. Since each test is unique, custom answer keys may be printed for every student test developed. Printed tests and their associated answer keys are provided with the same ID number so they can easily be matched up. Tests administered on computer may be automatically graded in seconds. Tests administered via the Internet allows students to easily submit their answers via e-mail for grading with a single-click. In addition to "Standard" tests where students do not receive test results (feedback) until provided for by the instructor, you may also create tests as "Practice" Tests. Tests created in this mode will allow students to immediately receive feedback after they have completed their tests and even receive full answer explanations. Both "Standard" and "Practice" test formats may be created in screen, paper and/or Internet (Web/HTML) modes.

You may add images, animations, movies, sound/music and/or any other files in which your computer supports to any test item. These media files may be embedded directly into your TestBanks or linked to files on your computer. TestBanks and completed tests are maintained in Microsoft Access® Database (MDB) files for reliability and security. Best of all, MS-Access® itself is not required to use with this product, all the functionality is built into Random Test Generator-PRO. A Test Item Analysis feature has been added which will keep track of all your test items as to how students are performing against them to help you decide the validity of each of your test items.

Your TestBanks, students tests, Test Item Analysis Reports and a variety of other reports may be saved to Rich Text Formatted (.RTF) and/or Text (.TXT) files. RTF files may be directly used with most word processing software such as MS-Word. This format retains the exact same font attributes used in your word processor and Random Test Generator-PRO. Therefore, you can edit these files between these applications without losing any formatting.

Comes with a FREE 153 page in-depth Software Manual. This guide covers all aspects of the software and includes many screen images to help you quickly learn its' many powerful capabilities.

Random Test Generator-PRO Features
*Create student tests in seconds
*Create screen (computer), paper and/or Internet (Web) tests
*Create unique student tests everytime because your test items are randomly selected
*Create tests for classroom where every student test is different
*Create tests for classroom where every student test is same but questions are in different orders
*Create an unlimited number of TestBanks
*Create an unlimited number of test items in any TestBank
*Created tests are saved to files which may be re-used at anytime
*Student tests created as one type (screen, paper, Internet) may be also re-used as any other type
*Create login (password protected) accounts for Instructors and students
*Assign tests to students, when they log into their account they are automatically presented with the assigned test
*Automatically records times, dates and login names in a log file whenever someone logs in for security
*Import practically any of your existing test data into this software
*Create student tests as standard or practice test formats
*Provides the ability to set-up your own manually assigned point values for test grading
*Provides the ability to create in-depth answer explanations which will be displayed to students in practice tests
*Provides the ability to group test items together so every test item within the group will be used (if selected)
*Provides the ability to set test time limits
*Creates custom answer keys in seconds
*Automatically grades screen (computer) student tests
*Performs test item analysis automatically as students select their answer choices
*Provides the ability to manually edit test item analysis data for paper and Internet tests
*Creates numerous reports such as; grade, test item analysis, test performance
*Provides the use of multiple TestBanks to create a single student test
*Provides the use of images and any other multimedia files with your test items
*Provides the ability to manually review students tests and compare student answer selections against the true answers
*Works seamlessly with MS-Word and other word processing software
*Built-in FTP software which allows you to upload your Internet student tests to your web server
*Provides the ability to password protect access to this software
*Provides the ability to password protect your TestBank and student test files
*Uses MS-Access technology already built-in to this software
*Provides spell checking and Thesaurus capabilities
*Provides the ability to store multimedia files directly into TestBanks and student test files
*Provides the ability for your Test items to be read out-loud using built-in text-to-speech synthesize voices
*Provides many options to control the format of your student tests
*Provides full word processing capabilities including font selections, sizes, colors and other attributes
*Provides the ability to include reference (source) information for every test item you create
*Provides a "Validation" capability within your TestBanks to verify these TestBanks are completed correctly
*Provides the ability to store test items in your TestBanks but temporarily prevent some from being used in your student tests
*Provides the ability to create an unlimited amount of student tests at one time
*Includes advanced editing tools such as Find, Replace and Replace All
*Comes with a FREE 153 page software user's manual
*And much more!

Random Test Generator-PRO Uses
*Provide your entire class tests on the same subject without any two students having the exact same test. In this situation each test would have many different randomly selected test items although based on the same topics (TestBanks). This method makes it near impossible for students to cheat off each other.
*Provide your class the exact same test questions but the question order being different from test to test. In this situation every student will be provided the exact same test items, but the order in which they are presented these test items will be different for every test. For example, question #5 for one student will be different compared to the same question #5 for another student. This method ensures your tests are identical (same test items) but makes it very difficult for student to cheat off of each other.
*Provide a single test for the entire class whereby each student has the exact same test and the question order is the same but by using this software to create the test, the test items will be selected randomly ensuring that your tests are not compromised beforehand.
*Random Test Generator-PRO is an ideal prep (preparation) tool to be used by those learning/studying any discipline since it stores an unlimited amount of test items. Therefore, it can be used for any single or group of subjects. Test items are randomly selected and thus may be randomly presented much like flash/index cards are often used when preparing for an examination.
*Distance Education - Automatically creates Internet tests from TestBanks of test items. Simply upload your RTG-PRO created web student tests to your web server and allow anyone to take them from anywhere in the world. They only need a web browser and an Internet connection.
*Student Remediation - Tests administered in "Practice" test mode allow students to review and see detailed answer explanations once their tests are complete in any test format (screen, paper and Internet).
*Test Item Analysis - This feature will assist you in analyzing the validity of your test items.

All these uses for this software allow you to create student tests at anytime (on the fly) since all your possible test items already reside in your TestBanks. It's just a matter of using the "Test Builder" within RTG-PRO each time you need to create new student tests. Simply select the TestBanks you wish to use, and identify how many test items from each TestBank should be randomly selected. Your new tests will then be created in mere seconds. It's that simple. What could be easier? You no longer need to sit down and create student tests manually. This software allows you to get away from using the same student tests class after class which leaves them open to be compromised much more easily. Random testing is the most secure and versatile testing method available. This software is a powerful tool for any public, private, government or business institution in which testing is conducted regardless of the subject matter. Random Test Generator-PRO is a cheaters' worst nightmare and a must for educators at any level. This version is specifically designed for Windows operating systems such as Windows 9x/ME/NT4/2000/XP/2003/Vista/Windows 7 32/64.

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LICENSE INFORMATION: License quantity should be based on computer systems in which the registered version of this software is planned to be installed onto (including Network systems), regardless of how many people use those computer systems. Licenses are NOT based on the quantity of students nor how many student tests you create with this software. Those items are unlimited. Therefore, base your quantity on computer systems you plan on installing the registered version of this softwware onto. Here are a couple of examples; If you have just one stand-alone computer you wish to install this software onto, then you only need one license. If you install this software on a network with 10 connections, then 10 licenses would be required. In both examples, the number of students or tests you wish to create are unlimited and have no effect on licensing. Discounts will automatically be computed based on quantity of license you enter into our online purchase form.

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Review/Print Random Test Generator-PRO Brochure Here (10 pages)
(Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader )

Review/Print Random Test Generator-PRO Software Manual Here (155 pages)
(Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader )

TestBank Merging Tool (V8.x)
Download this handy TestBank Merging Tool which will allow you to merge the data from one TestBank into another. This tool is ideal when you have various people working on TestBank data at different locations and then you wish to merge the information into a single TestBank file or anytime you wish to consolidate multiple TestBank files into one. Simply select the link below to download this Merging Tool:

RTG-PRO TestBank Merging Tool (V8) (60 KB)

NOTE: This Merging Tool is FREE but it will only work on systems with RTG-PRO installed and registered (licensed). It will work with RTG-PRO created TestBank (v8.x) files only.

Sample On-Line Internet Tests
Besides creating tests to be taken on a computer screen using RTG-PRO software and/or printed on paper, on-line Internet/Intranet tests may also be developed. Students do not need special software to take these Internet tests. See examples of Internet tests which were automatically created by Random Test Generator-PRO in seconds. Below are two examples of Internet test formats available. Please allow time for these tests to load in your browser as many multimedia files where added to demonstrate the power of this application. Best if used with MS-Internet Explorer 5 or higher. These tests require your browser to be JavaScript enabled. Select the test type below to preview:

Sample Standard Test (E-mail Answers to Instructor)

Sample Practice Test (Self-Assessment)

NOTE: The Standard Test (E-mail Test Type) will be sent to a non-existant e-mail address. Therefore, you may receive an error message. Typically this e-mail would be sent to a valid account such as an instructor in order to be graded.

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